How to Become a Legal Office Assistant

Many people are not aware that pursuing a career in legal office management is rewarding. Plus, there are thousands of job vacancies offered by no less than 10,000 law firms all over the US. These law firms specialize in various areas like medical malpractice, energy law, commercial litigation, criminal defense, real estate law, among others. Even smaller law firms in different states have a healthy practice that often deals with DUI or immigration cases. In short, pursuing a career in legal office management is a ticket to a stable future.

Job Outlook for Legal Administrative Assistant

The job outlook for a legal office assistant or paralegal is encouraging. In 2010 alone, a quarter of a million jobs were offered by law firms; furthermore, BLS predicted an 18% increase in the demand for these workers between 2010 up to 2010. As of May 2010, the median pay is $46,680 per year which is even higher than the salary of medical or dental assistants. Actually, reports from Glassdoor yielded more rewarding salaries since some legal administrative assistants receive as much as $70,000 per year. Hence, if you’re the type of person who dislikes working in hospitals or clinics, then this could be a good alternative. Just remember that a legal office is bustling with activity as working as legal assistant demands long work hours.

Usually, legal office management skills are required to get this job. You can start by enrolling in a two-year associate course in legal office management. It is imperative for individuals taking this course to learn basic legal terminologies, presentation skills, project management skills, and basic management theories as well. To increase your chances for employment, you should be good at communication skills and presenting various types of information. Most of all, being highly proficient in the use of computer is necessary since you need to process a lot of data and documents. Advance office management procedures require multi-tasking which can be aided by technology. So, using spreadsheets, word processors, and making powerful presentations can beef up your arsenal of skills to get hired.Taking up extra courses in computer subjects such as database management is a good idea too.

Take note that you would be the support staff of top-notch lawyers. Hence, you should be able to handle pressure well due to tight deadlines and long work hours. Nonetheless, many people have succeeded in this career; in fact, some have pursued further studies and became lawyers themselves. After all, you already know how the legal system works, so why not get fully involved?

The first step starts with finding the right school that can provide you with an associate degree or certification. Then, as you study hard, seek ways to improve yourself in terms of time and stress management. When you graduate, you don’t only have the right skills but the right attitude that can help you succeed in this field.



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